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     According to the latest survey of International Data Company (IDC) and Forrester Company, localization industry is changing the net economy in the world. IDC estimated that, localization would increase quickly and healthily in the future 2 years, and the total value of globalization and localization service (GLS) will reach to 10.3 billion USD. It's so important to join in localization. Why this service is demanded for so much? For multinationals, business on-line must penetrate into the whole world, so the website localization is necessary to expand their marketing in the world.

   The benefits brought by localization:

1.Expending potential clients' group
The less requirement of foreign language, the more potential clients will have. 

2.Decreasing expenditure for training and support.
After having friendly interfaces companies only need to supply a relatively less training and support to make users understand the products.

3.Increasing user's confidence in products
Showing respect for local users, localization will make them more trust in the products they invested.

4.Enhancing competitiveness of products
The most important thing is, under the same situation, that localization means improvement of quality and function of products, and competitiveness. 

Website localization

    As we known, website in internet is a fast and cost-saving method for propagandizing enterprise.  Through it, users around the world will find out many companies' information of products, and inquire all day and night. But companies don't know that, only parts of users can understand these information because of language obstruction. In fact, many enterprises, especially foreign trade companies, have realized, and they try to build multi-language website. However, because of shortage of mastery foreign language and technique support, they can not do what they want, and they lose many chances to establish business relationships with many clients around the world.

    It's imperative to build multi-language website under the climate of globalization. It was said in the Forrester Research that as to American companies, multi-language website was a must, for 50% total products sold online would be running to outside of American by 2004. It was an important measure to build multi-language website especially for those who want be a winner in internet economy, and they must to act immediately If they have multi-language service, services for clients will be more colorful, such as, datasheet of various products, answering to usual questions about technique, building brand confidence and cutting down support cost.

    We have many advantages in website localization because we have many experienced website builder who are familiar with HTML, XML, SGML, JAVA, JavaScript, ASP, PHP and JSP.

Software Localization

    More and more people know that we have rights to work, study and recreate in our own mother tongue. If only software market is not monopolized totally by one company, we have chances to choose what we prefer, including the language in software.

    As for most of software developer, it's impossible to hope that all users are good at the language you use in software, and the larger the users' group are, the less practical to hope so. For instance, it's not true that only those who are poor at English like to use software in Chinese interface. For most people, it's very free to communicate with others in their mother tongue, even for those who are good at foreign language very much. It will be much more efficient if they use their mother tongue in working. They became picky when the consumer's right and interest consciousness is awakened, they only accept these products which really meet their requirements, and reject products which are poor in quality or can not meet their requirements without mercy.

    It's the demand of users that impel the development of localization. “To meet requirement, to get clients”.

Medium Document Localization

  With the development of computer, there are more and more various document format, such as: software technique document, user manual, help, and teaching electronic document. Therefore, localization needs Desktop Publishing Tools (DPT)  to keep the format localized the same with the original formats. We can guarantee the high quality of medium document localization, for we are familiar with DPT. 

Our advantages

A galaxy of talents

---business leaders with abundant managing experience in IT
---experts in kinds of industries 
---the technical team harboring abundant localization experience in Windows and Unix. 

Management standard

---accord with quality management system of ISO9002
--- Professional Quality Control (QC)
---are linking up the concept of Quality Assessment (QA) Model 2.0

Eminent strength

---to able to handle with several large scale projects at the same time, and emergencies with ease.
---reaching to the top-leading level, mistakes rate lower than      2‰  
---to meet different working style of clients, offering individual services.  

Complete tools
---Yaxin CAT2.5, TRADOS 5.0, Foreign Desk, Catalyst;

Desktop Publishing Tools (DTP):
---MS Word, PowerPoint, Help Workshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Acrobat 4.0(PDF);Adobe FrameMaker+ SGML 6.0, Adobe PageMaker, Macromedia Authorware.

Quality Guarantee System

1、Having able professional translators familiar with various Computer Assistant Translation e.g. Yaxin CAT2.5 TRADOS 5.0, Foreign Desk; abundant experienced in translation for many large international companies, e.g.GE, DELL, KODAK, ABB, NOELL.
2、A team with relatively high ability to apply and develop internet and software.
3、Having advanced managing model and talents of managing. 
4、Accord with Localization Industry Standards Association (LISA) Model 2.0 and ISO9002.




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