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Nowadays full of net in the world, is your enterprise perplexed by these problems as follows:
  1. Have not had your own website;
  2. The website you all ready have do not work to you satisfaction in business;
  3. Have not professional net workers to maintain and update your website;
  4. The fee for maintaining is too high and the service is bad.

If you have met any problems mentioned above, you should find a better network supplier. and our advantages are:

 1. Profound understanding in this industry:
   Electronic website is a large scale commercial website consist of electron and electric appliance exploiture. We have profound understanding in this industry, and we can make a complete set of plans for clients based on the different requirements. To really utilize e-business, we make the content of website and business platform as an integration, fully playing the internet advantages in information service. “Globle Electron Yellow Page”, one of the electron resource research systems on internet (data-base), embody the background of more than 13,000 electron products companies or related, and is the largest Chinese engine research in electron product industry. The pertinence to audience of this website is enhanced, because enterprises are looked over directly.

  2. Stronge expending power
   Electron website is one of the excellent professional website, about 30,000 people landing on a day; each subordinate website is the door of various industries. If your company website is managed by us, you will enjoy many propaganda methods favorably, including priority in sort order, mailing advertisements on internet, advertisements slogan in columns, interlink in homepage, news, etc. Multi-

polar service we offer will make your website became a mew stars from the similar website groups as soon as possible.

  3. Supply unique technical resource
   Electronic website have excellent engineer who familiar with medium and internet, and technician who are experienced in network program and webpage. We can meet clients' requirements technically, for we have many core technique developed independently by ourselves, suitable for various industries. Our technique consist of:
a. Application system for building website: automatic web page system, search engine in website model, BBS model, subscribe to e-mail model, accessing statistics, traditional an modern Chinese conversion model.
b. E-business system: shopping, auction, payment on-line, product displaying, news of enterprise, supply and demand information, exchanging advertising, users register management and data-base managing for industry information.

■Special notice: detailed procedure and quotation

Clients who already have a website, should pay for registration domain name, and hiring virtual host computer every year, and 300-1000 yuan for us maintaining and updating your website.
1. Pay yearly: pay once yearly according to the total estimated yearly workload. If the updating content exceeds 30%, clients could make up the fee or estipulate.
2. Pay for each order: If the workload is large, e.g. correcting channel, clients should pay according to workload and agent fee each time.

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