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Acceptance and affirmation: On the basis of validity and keeping secret for clients, we will sign an agreement with client to affirm the quantity, price and deadline, and we will take and send material for free.
  Establishing a team to analyze technical item: According to the agreement, project manager will make a detailed plan together with translation department. After looking through whole passage, we will pickup the frequently using words and technical items, then make a list of these in bilingual words to translators, to keep it accurate and consistent. 

   Professional translation: Translators are responsible for translate according to the requirement, plan and list made by manager, while the manager is responsible for arranging, inspecting and coordinating.

   First correction( correcting by translators in this field): Junior corrector make a correction to the first draft mainly on technical items and important words, then inform the translators to modify.

   Second correction:( senior correcting on language): Compared with the original document, senior corrector inspect sentence by sentence, trying to keep the translation in line with the original meaning, the industry and native convention. 

   Typesetting and printing:  Our computer and desktop publishing experts are able to meet your any requirement on typesetting and printing. Please make requirements and trust our prefect performance.

  Handing in: After finishing, we present the translation version to you through fax, email, or EMS. And we will dispose appropriately your material (including: fax, copies and electronic edition) to keep them secret for you.

Liaison: Miss Tan and Miss Wu



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