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Go tone undertake the two way translation between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, etc. more than 80 language. The operation include  written translation for commerce, law, web news, company introduction , product specification for installation and debugging, tenet of large projection, marketing survey report, financial analysis, administration for industry and commerce, application for going broad, notarization material, and the producing and editing audio and video material for  movie play, kinescope, VCD. The fields we involved includeIT, communications, electronics, economy, law, foreign trade, metallurgy, machinery, chemistry, medicine, enviorment, biology, agriculture, and arts, etc. 

Software localization

   Software localization needs mastery of technique and translation skill, and deep understanding of the background of target language. To be localized will widen your company's operation in the world wide ,increase the popularity and help pushing sale.

   Go tone have a excellent team including professional translators, software engineer, network engineer, professional art designers, who mastering language well, having background of technique, and familiar with localization technique  
using kinds of software and hardware, which are reliable guarantee for our clients. The translation will be reviewed by native experts of target language to make sure it clear, accurate, and consistent with the local culture, while the software will be tested by experts under kinds of software and hardware. During this whole process, client could inspect and inform us what you think, and we will make changes according to your requirement.
   Collocation: Windows in different language( traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai)
   Application: Office, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, Acrobat Reader。    Internet applications: Office, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Freehand, Framemaker, Acrobat Reader.
   Translation software: TRADOS, CAT

Website localization

   Entering into Internet and having company's own website, you can widen popularity of your firm by publishing information about products and price, which will  make it more competitive and advantageous in worldwide competition. 

   Localization here should  called internationalization exactly, means to translate a foreign language website to Chinese, or Chinese to foreign language. We have professional translators who are experienced in translation, and excellent net workers, who are accomplished in HTML, Java, JavaScript, VB, ASP, SQL, experienced in  designing, building, and maintaining website. Trying to keep the original style of your website, we will make suggestions of small altering about the format and style according to different situation, and change it under your permission. We will try to make your website perfect in style and speed.
。Enterprises need a new method to compete in global market, while Internet bring us a new commercial mould of high efficiency and large profit.

The charge for  localization include two parts :

The fee for translation website( refer to quotation in written translation)

The fee for making website: 100-150RMB/page ( Client should offer original material and program, and the fee excludes from fee for necessary altering in localization.) A page means a page in web, namely a HTML file or a ASP file or a PHP file

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