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The insurance industry


  Ensure funding for priority areas


  Clear up pension payments in arrears


  Nonperforming loan


  Multi-level contracting and illegal subcontracting


  Credit Cooperative in both urban and rural areas


  A minimum standard of living for city residents


  The system of medical insurance for urban workers


Export credit


Loan quality


  The five-category assets classification for bank loans


  Take precautions against and reduce financial risks


  Flood-prevention project


Illegal foreign exchange transaction


  Foreign exchange earnings through non trade channels


  Non-bank financial institutions


  Transform administrative fees into taxes


  Follow-up auditing


The monitoring system for projects


  The safety of state-owned assets


  Excess reclamation


  The contract system for governing projects


  Electromechanical products


  Pro-active fiscal policy


  Basic allowances


  The system of exchange settlement and sales


Sever labor relations


  The responsibility system for financial supervision


  Economic security


  To increase the deficit to spend more on development


  The expansion of domestic demand


  Fuel economic growth


  Grain depot


  Grain Collection and storage enterprise


  Closed operation of grain purchase funds


  Grain sales market


  Shoddy engineering


  Arbitrary charges,fund-raising,quotas and fines


Obtain foreign currency under false pretenses, not turn over foreign currency owed to the government and illegal arbitrage


Financing channels


  The principles for commercial credit


Social security institution


  Unemployment insurance benefits


  Tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal pay taxes


  Foreign exchange revenue and spending



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